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hostetler farms uses a special knip boom process to ensure top-quality cider apple trees


The Knip Boom Process

With our Knip Boom Process, we can increase the amount of apples produced by our apple cider trees. Research shows that the Knip Boom trees will produce 80% more fruit than a one year whip during the first year of production and 20% more after the first five total years of production.

The Knip Boom technique is a proven growing process that originated in the Netherlands and has long been used and proven in most of Europe. It involves cutting apple trees at optimal times during their growth in order to maximize their potential in apple production. By growing our cider apples trees longer and with a well-timed cutting process, we ensure our apple cider trees are of excellent quality and will produce great cider apples.

The Knip Boom process produces a 3-2-1 tree. This means the apple tree has a three-year old root system, two-year old trunk and one-year feathers or “side-branches”. This process makes the apple tree come into production sooner than any other tree and makes it strong enough to survive transplants. Every cider apple tree we grow is a product of the Knip Boom process.


Apple Cider Trees

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The Importance of Cuts

Making the correct cuts to our apple trees ensures good growth. Cider apple trees that have undergone the Knip Boom process require less labor after being planted in your orchard. Since they have already been trained, there is a lot less waiting time for them to produce fruit. They also tend to do much better after transplantation. With apple trees that have not undergone our process, the planter has to use nursery practices to train the apple tree to branch in the right places, maintain a dominant central leader, and remove unwanted branches. Untrained apple trees also take longer to acclimate to their new environment after being transplanted. With our Knip Boom trees, you basically plant and wait for the trees to produce fruit.

Since the Knip Boom process takes time, it is important to note that buyers should place cider apple tree orders at least two years in advance to ensure you get the exact quantity of a particular variety/rootstock. 

hostetler farms has perfected the knip boom process for their cider apple trees
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hostetler farms is a dedicated cider apple tree nursery

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