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We grow cider apple trees in our nurseries of 60 different cider varieties. The cider apple trees are fed with water only. This means no fertilizers. If a cider apple tree is fertilized in the nursery, it grows very well at first, but it then becomes somewhat dependent. When the apple tree is transplanted, it struggles to survive. Since we have some of the most nutritious soils in Indiana and plenty of water for the cider apple trees, there is really no need for fertilizers.

Our tree farm consists of two rotating apple tree nurseries. Since the cider apple trees are grown for a time period of two years, two tree nurseries must be used to compensate for the growing time. Once a cider apple tree nursery is harvested, it must grow a cover crop for the following year. This allows the ground to rest and build up nutrients for the next growing season.

Growing Cider Apple Trees Straight and Strong

Another unique aspect of our apple cider tree nursery is that we use steel stakes for each apple tree. This ensures that the apple tree will grow straight, and unlike bamboo, these stakes will never break. For the entire time period of two years, you can be sure that all of our cider apple trees will grow straight and strong. 


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