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Hard Apple Cider Resources

Whether you’re looking for more information about the Knip boom process, top beverage makers, or news about the cider industry, Hostetler Farms of Clayton, Indiana has the resources you need. We have been growing our cider apple trees since 2009, and we will produce 60,000 of the highest quality cider apple trees this year for cider makers and orchards. Please browse the list of links below to learn more about our craft.

Growing Apple Trees - The Knip Boom Process

Growing Apple Trees - The Knip Boom Process

Our Knip Boom Process originated in the Netherlands and is a European tradition that has been proven to produce the highest quality cider apple trees with the quickest yields. For more information on this process, please visit the links below.

Hostetler Farms Business Partners

Hostetler Farms Business Partners

Below is our list of valued business partners. Like us, they value creating high quality cider and are great to follow for news and updates about the industry. 

Northwest Cider Association
Michigan Cider Association 
The United States Association of Cider
Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association
Northwest Agriculture Business Center

Hard Cider Makers/Brands in the United States

Hard Cider Makers/Brands in the United States

Looking for quality hard apple cider in the United States? Visit this map below to find hard cider makers based on your geographical area.


Apple Trees for Hard Cider and Sweet Cider

Apple Trees for Hard Cider and Sweet Cider

What varieties of apple hard cider trees and apple sweet cider trees are best to use? Below are resources with apple tree suggestions. They’re divided into two categories, hard and sweet cider trees, and each category has detailed descriptions of what types of flavors these apples produce. You’ll also find a suggestion for how to mix your apple varieties to produce the best flavor.

• Apple trees for sweet cider.

• Apple trees for hard cider

• Mixing apple varieties for the best cider

Apple Cider Recipes

Apple Cider Recipes

Apple cider is great for more than just drinking. Below you’ll find some recipe inspiration for cooking with cider. Using cider infuses your dish with extra fall flavor, and it’s a great way to enjoy cider year round.

6 surprising ways to use cider in the kitchen from the Today Show

Honey-roast turkey with apple cider sauce from Agriculture.com

Apple cider baby back ribs – inspired by Longhorn Steakhouse

Spiked apple cider cocktails from the Food Network

Apple cider doughnuts from Food Network

Mulled cider from Chef Bobby Flay, Food Network

Apple cider snickerdoodles

Recipe ideas from Cider Craft Magazine

Apple Cider Industry News

Apple Cider Industry News

The history of apple cider in America goes back to the Colonial days, “Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw write in their book “World’s Best Ciders,” ‘Cider was much easier to make in an untamed land than other drinks, and even when beer arrived, cider remained much cheaper. By 1767, the average Massachusetts resident drank 35 gallons of cider a year — a calculation that includes children.’” 

Although the history of apple cider is old, it has recently grown in popularity. Even companies such as Bud Light are branching out into hard cider. Keep up to date on the latest apple cider industry news by browsing the links below.

Apple cider history 

The second coming of cider

Hard apple cider seeing welcome revival

And Indiana’s 2015 cocktail is…

America’s hard cider boom has one problem: Not enough apples

Good times for hard cider – “growth last year alone was pegged at 89 percent.”

5 hard ciders that are changing the way you think about beer

Grant enables Washington State University scientists to study apple cider qualities

Cheers: Senate panel votes to reduce hard cider taxes

Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider: CNY’s Budweiser brewery launches a new national brand

Locals make New York the Big Apple Cider

How to drink craft apple cider with everything

Magners merges cider and Irish whiskey

Top 10 Indiana festival signature food items

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