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At Hostetler Farms, we are dedicated to growing high quality cider apple trees for sale that produce perfect apples for apple cider, hard and sweet. Apple cider has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and we meet the demand with our excellent variety of cider apple trees. Using the unique Knip Boom process, we ensure that our cider apple trees will produce more high quality apples than your average apple cider tree. This process ensures that our trees will grow large, strong, and be well established.

Beginning as a hobby in 2009, Hostetler Farms has grown into a full-fledged apple cider tree business with over 60 varieties of cider apple trees. Our cider apple tree farm is family owned, and is currently located in Hendricks County, Indiana. Here at our farm, we can grow 10,000 apple trees per acre. This year we will have over 50,000 cider apple trees in production. We hope to continue to grow and increase these numbers substantially each year.

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The Knip-Boom Process

Our special Knip Boom process ensures that your apple cider trees will come into production sooner than any other tree and will be strong enough to survive transplants. Overall, the process produces a stronger tree that will crop sooner than others.

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We produce over 60 varieties of cider apple trees in our nurseries. From custom bench grafts, we nurture the growth of our cider apple trees to ensure that they will reach their maximum potential in your orchard.

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Are you interested in buying our cider apple trees? We advise that buyers place orders two years in advance due to the time involved with the knip boom process.
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